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The driving force behind The Rif Community Foundation (RifCom) is a group of like-minded individuals from Gibraltar and Spain who in 2008, after witnessing first-hand the poverty existing in the Moroccan Rif Mountains on a corporate challenge trek, decided to reach out and help their neighbouring communities. Since then the team at RifCom has grown and now consists of the following dedicated individuals: 

Matt Butler

(Co-Founder & Director)

Canadian-born and a permanent resident of Spain, Matt’s years of experience in leading wilderness expeditions into Morocco with his adventure tourism company, Adventure bug Worldwide Ltd, nurtured a powerful desire to assist the region’s impoverished and he joined forces with his co-founders to make that aspiration a reality. Matt’s visionary qualities and inspirational concepts provide the team with invaluable motivation. His leadership is instrumental in RifCom’s challenge events, as is his steering of the on-the-ground teams where our charity challenges take place.

Julian Camble

(Co-Founder & Director)

Coming from an international finance background, Julian joined forces with his co-founders to set up RifCom after witnessing first-hand the struggles of the communities in the Rif. A driving force behind RifCom, Julian brings a wealth of skills to the team. With his lateral thinking, big-picture perspective and care, he continuously drives RifCom to achieve its objectives with tremendous passion and dedication.

Mari Bell-Jones

(Co-Founder, Director, Secretary)

Born in the UK but resident in Gibraltar and working for Finsbury Trust & Corporate Services Ltd, Mari joined forces with her co-founders to establish RifCom in 2008 after witnessing the poverty endured by the people of the Rif. Mari contributes massively to the day-to-day administration of the charity and her passion for RifCom’s cause is constantly fuelled by her trips to the area to implement projects, coupled with the affinity she shares with its people.

Tom Cawthorn

Tom Cawthorn

(Sports Liaison Officer)

Tom is the founder of In2adventures and a pioneer for adventure activities in Gibraltar. His love for the outdoors is infectious; he’s inspired people of all ages and from all walks of life to enjoy a variety of sea and land activities, and his passion for the local community has created a culture that operates in collaboration with the surrounding environment. Tom joined RifCom in 2010 after volunteering to lead RifCom Sports. His dynamic ideas and proactive approach have resulted in RifCom Sports becoming an integral part of our future.

George Felipes


George is now retired after having worked in the Gibraltar banking industry for 25 years. He was born in Tangiers, Morocco, where he spent his early years before moving to Gibraltar to complete his schooling. After a stint working in Madrid, George returned to his native Gibraltar where he served on various committees devoted to sport and charity, the most notable being four and a half years’ service as Trustee and Vice Chairman of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. He now lends his invaluable experience to RifCom’s board.

Adrian T. Mansfield MA

Adrian T. Mansfield MA


Adrian is a Senior Manager with Abacus Financial Services Limited in Gibraltar, a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited. Adrian has been a member of Round Table Gibraltar for many years and, as a dynamic and experienced fundraiser, brings a wealth of experience and know-how to RifCom’s board of directors.

Anne Smyth

(Director & Education)

Anne, long-term resident of Spain and recently retired teacher from Swans International School in Marbella, first teamed-up with RifCom in 2013. Anne’s many years in the teaching profession, together with her passion for education and giving back, make her a crucial asset to RifCom’s role in promoting and facilitating education in the Rif.

Domien Doms


Born in Belgium and a resident of Spain, Domien joined us in 2013 and assists greatly with transport and logistics for all trips and events. His wealth of travel industry experience and language skills are indispensable in facilitating many projects. With his limitless energy and spirit, Domien also provides general support and is an essential part of the RifCom team.

Anthony Ladislaus


Ant works as an in-house lawyer for a FTSE100 company. Born and brought up in Gibraltar, Ant has been practising law since 2008, having previously qualified as a mechanical engineer before working for 5 years in Gibraltar’s bustling fiduciary industry. Awestruck by RifCom’s drive and ambition to make a real difference in the Rif, Ant has been involved with the charity since 2012.

Nabil Moukrim

Nabil Moukrim


Nabil, a Moroccan national and manager at Pizza Express in Gibraltar, contributes greatly to the team with his understanding of the Moroccan language and culture. After joining the team in 2013, Nabil’s passion for his country and desire to help his fellow countrymen has made him an active and dedicated support member of RifCom.

Amin Boughalad

(Local Liaison)

Amin is our man on the ground in Morocco. He has been involved with RifCom since the very start and contributes vast local knowledge towards every aspect of our work. Our ability to keep projects running in the Rif throughout the global pandemic has been thanks to him.


The work of RifCom is based on deeply held values and principles, key among which are the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence that are grounded in International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Moreover, RifCom is committed to championing an ethos that is sensitive to the communities we support, as well as to their dignity and vulnerability, especially of their children.

It is essential that our commitment to humanitarian principles and standards is known, supported and demonstrated by all volunteers for and members of RifCom, including RifCom’s Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy and Photo Policy which any person coming to work on a RifCom community project will have to sign up to, having read and accepted the terms thereof.

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